We are dedicated to
designing and producing
the best value for money
PEM fuel cell stacks in
the market.

  • fuelstack
  • zendmast
  • no-noise-city-transportation
  • PEM-PP-solvay
  • Fuel cell stack
  • Backup and primary power for telecom
  • Zero emission, no noise city transportation
  • 1MW PEM Power Plant at Solvay near Antwerpen

Backup Power

Telecom companies, utilities and railways need to be able to rely on their backup systems. The answer: Nedstack PEM fuel cell powered backup systems with a track-record of reliability.

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Continuous Power

Nedstack fuel cell based systems provide continuous power to the telecom sector at higher availability, higher reliability and lower cost than fossil fuel driven generator sets.


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Nedstack fuel cell based systems enable emission free and cost effective drive trains for the material handling industry and city transportation.


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The Chlorine industry produces vast amounts of hydrogen as a by-product. Nedstack PEM fuel cells offer an excellent opportunity to maximize energy recovery from this hydrogen.

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